Step into the future of aviation training

Introduce your organization to an unparalleled experience training platform that harnesses virtual reality to recreate authentic, hands-on experience for mastering real-life ground handling, MRO, and fueling operations. 

Risk-free  immersive learning environments

Provide your staff with realistic virtual training environments that replicate aircraft systems, maintenance scenarios, and specific aviation procedures. Users can engage in hands-on training, allowing them to interact with and manipulate virtual components as they would in real-life situations.

Why implement VR Training? 

In our experience, VR training allows aviation ground handling, MRO, and fueling organizations to tackle key challenges when providing hands-on operational training to staff.  

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  1. Cost-efficiency & safety

    Traditional training methods can be both costly and risky. With VR, aviation personnel can engage in realistic training scenarios without real-world risks.

  2. Enhanced operational efficiency

    Errors and inefficiencies in operations can lead to delays and increased costs. VR provides a platform for personnel to practice.

  3. Remote accessibility & flexibility

    The need for physical presence in traditional training settings can be a barrier. VR offers the flexibility of remote training.

Explore Sensus Aero VR — key features

Created specifically for the aviation industry, our technology professionals have built a VR training platform that gives staff the confidence to practice, become more consistent with decision making, and to be able to make mistakes without fear of impact on the business.  

Real-life scenario simulation 

Create authentic, interactive scenarios for training and operations, enhancing hands-on learning and operational readiness.

Active simulation

Engage in dynamic, real-time simulation environments for improved response time and accuracy in actual operations. 

Passive experience 

Observe and learn from simulated scenarios passively, increasing understanding and retention of operational procedures.

Maintenance & inspection training

Practice maintenance and inspections in a risk-free virtual environment. Lower training costs and reduce downtime 2:1.

De-icing simulation

Simulate de-icing procedures under various weather conditions. Benefit: Enhanced safety and efficiency during adverse weather operations.

Flight deck familiarization

Virtual cockpit for familiarization with controls and emergency procedures, reducing training time and improved pilot proficiency.

Ground handling training

Virtual ground handling scenarios for staff training increased efficiency and safety on the tarmac.

Quality control simulation

Simulate quality control procedures in a virtual environment, improving compliance and adherence to operational standards.

Customizable environments

Tailor virtual environments to specific operational needs, providing relevant and effective training simulations.

Mobile Accessibility

Accessible via mobile devices for on-the-go training and operations monitoring, providing flexible training and operations management.

Analytics & Performance Tracking

Monitor and analyze performance within virtual environments, allowing for continuous improvement through data-driven insights.

VR Operational benefits

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Immersive experiences  

VR creates a realistic learning environment for increased engagement and knowledge retention.


Train in a risk-free virtual environment to avoid potential dangers. 


Repeat scenarios for consistent training across all trainees.

Cost & Time Efficiency  

Save on expensive physical setups and conduct remote training.

Customizability & interactivity  

Customize scenarios, interact with objects, and receive real-time feedback for an effective learning experience.

Solutions that deliver 

When it comes to ROI, our results speak for themselves. Our clients report average metrics that demonstrate a direct impact on business performance.  

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