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Optimize your Ground Handling team processes through Sensus Aero’s next generation ERP solution. Introduce modular and scalable technology that elevates operational and financial performance.

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GH Operations

Ground handling operators face a myriad of challenges. From managing diverse tasks, to adhering to strict timelines, and ensuring seamless coordination between teams, there is always scope for human error. Our GH solution is built with AI and machine learning integration, tailored to address these challenges through streamlining business processes and providing full visibility and control. 

A modular approach 

Specifically designed for the aviation industry, Sensus GH is a versatile and comprehensive tool. It offers a modular framework, allowing you to select specific modules and functionalities that align with your unique business needs. Similarly you can opt for the all-in-one package for seamless integration across your entire GH business.

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System Configuration / Master Data 

Our most important module allows for easy system configuration and master data management.


Gain complete financial oversight and track revenue with our GH ERP solution's Commerce module.


Optimal staff allocation and future demand projection in accordance with regulations and union agreements. 

Time & Attendance

Employee work hour monitoring and management to ensure alignment with labor and payroll regulations.

Flight Management

Track & manage aircraft servicing schedules to ensure timely departures across a variety of scheduled, ad-hoc and private flights.

Real Time 

Provides instant insights and updates on ongoing operations, facilitating swift and collaborative decision-making at the airport, ensuring that no service is overlooked or skipped.

Quality Control

Set QA standards, certification tracking, and audit streamlining, while enabling permissions for authorized work groups.

Analytics & Reporting 

Schedule comprehensive performance metrics and operational trends that can be aggregated across multiple stations.

GSE Management

Ground Support Equipment inventory management, daily technical checklists, automated repair management and preventative maintenance.


Designed to automate the invoicing and payment processes, ensuring that no services are missed, and all revenues are accurately accounted for.

A next-gen ERP solution  

Our solutions are meticulously crafted, seamlessly blending innovative design, advanced AI, and unparalleled support.

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  1. User-Friendly Interface

    Engage with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that requires minimal training, ensuring quick adoption and ease of use across all organizational levels.  

  2. Data-Driven Planning

    Utilize a specialized algorithm informed by historical data to accurately forecast operational needs and efficiently plan resources.

  3. Dedicated Support

    Benefit from the seasoned expertise of our IT and GH professionals, dedicated to ensuring smooth operations at all times.

Sensus GH Operational Benefits

Discover the transformational advantages awaiting your ground handling operations through the implementation of Sensus Aero GH. Beyond a software solution, we extend a technology partnership that is invested in realizing your operational goals and continuous improvement. 

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Streamlined Operations Management 

The complications in scheduling and resource allocation often lead to operational inefficiencies. Our solution provides a centralized control framework for optimal resource assignment, ensuring smooth ground operations. 

Optimized Resource Handling 

Unleash superior operational resilience against workforce challenges and service standard fluctuations. Our ERP system ensures optimal utilization of your ground staff and equipment resources, leading to sustainable and efficient operations. 

Real-Time Operational Awareness 

Stay ahead with real-time insights into your ground operations. From efficient staff planning to precise turnaround supervision, gain a live overview to make data-driven decisions instantly.

Enhanced Data Utilization 

Lack of real-time data hampers effective decision-making. Our system enables data-driven planning, promoting timely and accurate decisions.

Improved Administrative Efficiency 

Manual billing and invoicing processes can be error prone. Our automated processes streamline administrative workflows, reducing manual errors.

Cost Efficiency 

Drive down operational costs significantly by streamlining processes and improving day-to-day operations, with a focus on cost reduction. Every GH module is designed to eliminate inefficiencies and unlock cost savings.

Solutions that deliver 

When it comes to ROI, our results speak for themselves. Our clients report average metrics that demonstrate a direct impact on business performance.  

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