Revolutionize your aviation maintenance operations

Enable your MRO teams to become more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective through a dedicated MRO technology solution. Tailor our modular ERP to match your business requirements and drive MRO business processes with speed and precision.

Unify & accelerate MRO workflow

Move beyond manual, paper-based operations with Sensus Aero MRO. Replace disjointed systems with a fully integrated digital platform, optimizing resource utilization with simplicity and ease. Reduce human error, enhance data flow, and gain unparalleled organizational visibility, control, and traceability across your inventory and processes.

A modular approach 

Created specifically for the M&E and MRO industry, our aviation technology professionals have built an ERP system that allows users to select the modules they need for concise, optimal process management. This enables cost-effective, custom solutions that have the scope to evolve in alignment with organizational growth over time, allowing businesses the flexibility to adjust their solution as requirements change.

Quote management 

Designed for swift work scope uploads and creating industry-standard proposals. Simplify the transition from quotes to task cards and work packs, vital for hangar efficiency.

Employee Management

Ensures compliance with industry standards through effective authorization and permissions management, integrated with robust Safety Management Systems (SMS).

Aircraft Maintenance & Control 

Designed for rapid and straightforward work pack creation, organizations can track and control the movements of parts, tools, and returns, ensuring resource accountability.


Created for phased task breakdowns, enhance the precision of maintenance scheduling, through robust daily man-hours planning capabilities. With daily reporting, gain analytics for proactive decision-making.

Labor tracking & management

Get convenient labor management on-the-go. Support task scanning and real-time labor tracking directly from mobile devices for unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Part master

Enabling efficient creation and approval of new parts, along with effective management of alternative components. Ensure strict adherence to aviation maintenance standards by managing part restrictions.

Tool control & management

Incorporating mobile and self-serve functionalities, ensuring effective management and full traceability of tools, crucial for accountability. Facilitate tool calibration and periodic checks.

Shop management

Tailored for comprehensive component maintenance, ensuring each part receives the attention it needs. Manage parts, tools, and labor for smooth maintenance workflow, including issuing EASA compliance documents

Inventory control & management

Optimize incoming and receiving procedures, ensuring efficient handling of parts and equipment. Simplify purchase and shipping management, while efficiently handling repair orders and material demand fulfillment.

Demand & procurement management

Track material demands from maintenance operations, ensuring timely replenishment, simplifying material requests and accelerating the creation of vendor quotes.

Customer portal & service

Our web and mobile-friendly platform provides real-time tracking of work pack progress, ensuring on-time completion. Monitor warehouse stock levels to prevent shortages and reduce lead times.

Billing & invoicing

Empower your team with dynamic billing policies tailored for aviation MRO intricacies. Track labor and material costs meticulously through contract management and enable global billing in multiple currencies.

Embrace the future of MRO operations 

In a rapidly evolving aviation industry, staying ahead means adopting technology that's as dynamic as the market itself. Our next-gen ERP solution is designed to be more than just software, it's a comprehensive toolkit for the acceleration of ground maintenance and business growth.  

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  1. On-time performance 

    Facilitate quick, simple, and secure access to essential information, for better decision-making.

  2. User-friendly interface 

    Engage with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that requires minimal training, ensuring quick adoption and ease of use across all organizational levels. 

  3. Web-based / paperless solutions 

    Track every action and all your inventory with real-time data collection across all operations.  

Sensus MRO
Operational Benefits

Explore the transformative benefits that await your maintenance operations through Sensus Aero MRO. More than just a software solution, we offer a technological collaboration committed to achieving your operational objectives and fostering ongoing enhancements.

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Improved Asset Management  

Track and manage your assets more effectively, maintaining an accurate inventory of equipment, tracking maintenance history, and scheduling preventive maintenance to extend the lifespan of assets.

Reduce Downtime 

By implementing preventive maintenance schedules and enabling quick access to repair histories, organizations can reduce unexpected equipment failures and downtime, reducing financial losses.

Cost Savings  

Optimize inventory levels, ensuring the right spare parts are available when needed. This can lead to cost savings by preventing overstocking or stockouts and minimizing rush orders.

Enhanced Work Order Management  

Efficient work order management is essential for timely repairs and maintenance. Streamline the process of creating, assigning, and tracking work orders, improving communication and collaboration among maintenance teams.

Data-Driven Decision-Making  

Get valuable data and insights across equipment performance, maintenance costs, and overall asset health. This data can be used to make informed decisions about equipment replacement, upgrades, and process improvements.

Regulatory Compliance  

Ensure maintenance activities are compliant with industry standards and regulations, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

Supplier Relationship Management 

Manage relationships with suppliers, negotiate better contracts, track supplier performance, and ensure the timely delivery of spare parts.

Streamlined Reporting 

Analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) related to management, maintenance and repair activities, identifying trends and areas for improvement.

Solutions that deliver 

When it comes to ROI, our results speak for themselves. Our clients report average metrics that demonstrate a direct impact on business performance. 


Find out the latest news from Sensus Aero, where you can explore key product developments and how we’re accelerating operational performance across the aviation fueling, ground handling, and MRO industries worldwide.  

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