Sensus Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) is an advanced ERP solution. The platform has been specifically designed for every aspect of the aviation MRO base and line maintenance industries, making it a holistic MRO solution. In the constant struggle to eliminate constrictive procedures and increase productivity, Sensus Aero is the optimal MRO system for aviation executives, management, engineers, line managers, and departmental decision-makers.

Unique to the MRO market, our aviation MRO software is designed around best practices in LEAN operations and encourages greater efficiency through the identification and creation of processes requiring less human time and effort.

Module diagram

Bidding and Quoting Customer Profiles Management Aircraft Management Workscrope Loading Historical Data Analysis and Estimation Project Budgeting and Quoting
Planning Project Creation Based on Quotation Hangar Slot Planning Task and Subtask Planning Tooling and Resource Pre-draw Project Status Tracking and Change Management Contract Costing Management
Executing Work Orders Management Material Management Time and Labour Tracking Structure Shop Maintenance Execution Customer Portal
Operations support Human Resource Management Total Management PQF and Authorization Management
Release and Invoicing Maintenance Cost Administration Invoicing Data Preparation Performance Analysis Project Closure
Core System Configuration Management User Permission Management RESTful API Third Party Solution Integration Powerful Search Reporting Customized View Data Changelog
  • Mandatory
  • Optional modules


Modular system

The Sensus MRO platform is a module-based system, which is highly customisable to match individual client requirements. Modules can be run independently or as part of an all-in-one system to match the needs of the end user. Using Sensus MRO software, aviation service professionals can streamline their productivity at the lowest cost and remain competitive in a consolidating market.

Cloud enabled

The maintenance software system utilises cloud computing benefits and is accessible from any device or location. Sensus MRO is the premium choice for MRO aviation organisations that want to enable cloud technology but are not prepared to replace an entire ERP system. Sensus MRO software implementation is fast and easy and is designed around specific business needs that allows the user to undertake smaller projects, or wider, full scope implementations.

Smart data

Additionally, the platform efficiently aggregates diverse data and gives it a uniform meaning across the entire organisation, giving it an edge over other management systems. The consolidated use of data allows for more productive maintenance management, and the identification of new opportunities.


Sandglass – Time Tracking System

The Sandglass efficiency tool enables logging and analysis of the actual time spent on and in between tasks across an entire organisation.

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An easy-to-use sales empowerment tool has been designed to save valuable time when quoting on complex aviation MRO projects and calculating bottom line financials.

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A highly intuitive tool providing all the necessary functionality for planning, managing, and tracking MRO inventory and projects.

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Contract Management

Using all the acquired data the Contract Management tool provides the necessary functionality for managing and tracking every MRO project from beginning to end.

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Human Resources

A unified space that ensures the easy management of employees, employee groups, employee certification, and employee authorisation.

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Customer Portal

A window into your MRO organisation and an efficient and engaging way for your customers to track the project’s status and take decisions on its progress in real-time.

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Line Maintenance

A dedicated Line Maintenance MRO helps to manage various aspects of aviation line maintenance requirements.

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