Introducing smarter aviation fuel management 

Streamline your operations with our integrated fuel management solution, ensuring stringent compliance and quality control across all management stations.

Transform your
fueling operations

Control your direct operating costs, grow sustainably, and improve your efficiency and profitability. Maximize your organization’s overall success with Sensu Aero Fueling.  

A modular approach 

Our fuel management ERP platform has been designed and created specifically for the aviation industry. Comprised of a suite of modules, you can select what you need now to enhance current processes, while maintaining scope to evolve as requirements vary over time.

Into-Plane Management

Maintain precise fueling operations with each of your aircraft, ensuring timely and accurate fuel deliveries based.

Fuel Storage 

Monitor fuel stock levels and deliveries, optimizing inventory and reducing costs.

Billing & Invoicing

Automate key financial processes, saving time and reducing errors. 

Reporting & KPIs

Real-time performance metrics that improve decision-making and goal tracking.

Quality Control

Monitors adherence to QA standards, high service quality and regulatory compliance.

GSE Handling

Full control of equipment inventory and monitoring its usage, technical health via comprehensive reporting, specifically designed for refuelers with integrated pressure charts for refueler equipment.

Staff Portal

Centralize staff management, enhancing communication and operational efficiency.

Mobile App

Enhance operational control with real-time updates on multiple devices, facilitating a paperless, eco-friendly workflow. The mobile app also allows drivers to input operation details directly, promoting efficiency and sustainability.

Real-Time Analytics & Notifications

A personalized dashboard ensures fluctuating demand, prices, and stock-related issues are flagged in real time.

A next-gen ERP solution  

Our solutions are meticulously crafted, seamlessly blending innovative design, advanced AI, and unparalleled support.

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  1. User-Friendly Interface

    Engage with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that requires minimal training, ensuring quick adoption and ease of use across all organizational levels.  

  2. Data-Driven Planning

    Utilize a specialized algorithm informed by historical data to accurately forecast operational needs and efficiently plan resources.

  3. Dedicated Support

    Benefit from the seasoned expertise of our IT and fuel management professionals, dedicated to ensuring your operational success and continuous improvement.

Sensus Fueling Operational Benefits

Explore the transformational advantages awaiting your ground handling operations with Sensus Aero’s ERP solution, which includes an innovative feature of 'virtual fuel storage' not widely mentioned but highly valuable for efficient fuel management.

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Streamlined Fuel Management 

Sensus Aero’s Fueling solution empowers operational teams through a centralized platform to seamlessly manage every facet of fueling operations, no matter how complex.  

Robust Aircraft Fuel Handling 

Facilitate precise fueling at the aircraft with real-time, paperless operations management, through a native application for entering paper fuel tickets and ensuring streamlined data entry. 

Comprehensive Fuel Inventory Planning 

Monitor fuel stock levels, check balances, and oversee the delivery of fuel with a dedicated set of tools, embodying the essence of proactive problem solving.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency 

Boost productivity and continuously improve performance by eliminating non-value-added practices.

Integrated Financial Oversight 

Simplify your financial workflows through integrated billing, invoicing, and contract management features, enabling accurate and transparent financial operations.

Quality Control & Compliance 

Ensure local regulations are adhered to while maintaining high-quality fuel line operations through intuitive company-wide performance tools.

Seamless Integration with GSE 

Effortlessly oversee and control all technical aspects of your fleet and aviation fueling systems, ensuring a cohesive operational ecosystem.

Secure & Scalable Cloud-Based Environment 

Operate within an encrypted cloud environment, reducing the need for multiple IT systems.

User-Friendly Interface 

Engage with a customizable platform tailored to your needs, ensuring quick adoption and ease of use at all levels.

Solutions that deliver 

When it comes to ROI, our results speak for themselves. Our clients report average metrics that demonstrate a direct impact on business performance.  

Ready to transform your fueling operations?

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