Sensus Aero: simplifying communication between MRO organisations and clients

While streamlining and optimising MRO processes can be very beneficial to every business, it does not eliminate the crucial part of successful operations – convenient and easy communication with customers. With questions, issues, and opportunities following close to every MRO process, the ability to convey information clearly and easily is extremely beneficial both to the MRO provider as well as the customer.

“Most of the time miscommunication is not a purposeful act but a human error, cultural or industry-based difference,” says Romas Butkevicius, CEO at Sensus Aero, a new-gen software solution for the aviation industry. “Yet the nature of communication difficulties does not change the fact that it could become a costly issue for all parties involved. While creating tools and IT solutions, we have always focused on optimisation and client experience improvement, thus Sensus Aero Customer Portal has been created with users and efficiency in mind.”

According to Laimonas Antanaitis, product owner at Sensus Aero, the Customer Portal allows MRO providers to show transparency while maintaining a clear and concise path of communication. “It is a convenient and beneficial tool for service providers as well as their customers. Users can check active aircraft maintenance projects and follow the working cards’ progress in real-time. They are also able to see all working cards’ stats, including labour and materials needed or used, while also allowing them to approve required materials and labour for aircraft maintenance projects. This allows users of the tool to easily approve required additional services through the Customer Portal even during the aircraft maintenance project. Additionally, customers can see their own stock of materials that they have with MRO organization, making it easier to plan within their own business.”

Such transparency of projects and up-to-date tasks builds trust and confidence within the involved companies. “Working and communicating within companies should not be difficult, thus having all the needed information in one place, easily available via an online platform or a mobile app, makes life and work easier for all parties involved,” says Laimonas Antanaitis.

October 28, 2022