How next-gen IT solutions could curb major pain points of aviation ecosystem

With the summer season in aviation well underway, the industry is experiencing repeated issues that have been major pain points for years. The latest British Airways hiccup – scrapping its entire short-haul schedule after hardware and software systems’ failure – is only the tip of the iceberg. The IT issues go deeper than just airlines and are affecting maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), ground handling, and fuelling segments, to name a few. However, adopting innovative solutions could help curb these reoccurring problems.

The last two years of the pandemic have highlighted how truly outdated IT systems in aviation can be. Romas Butkevicius, CEO of Sensus Aero, a next-gen software solution for the aviation industry, observes that most MRO, ground handling, and fuelling service providers still run on old systems that do not reflect the times.

“It has to be said – most systems that are used across the industry, especially concerning MRO, ground handling, and fuelling services, are stagnant and fragmented. For example, a ground handling service provider on average can use around 20-30  different systems. What it means is that each system is separate from one another – and this invites a heap of problems.”

With the wave of digitization sweeping over the aviation industry, the stagnation and fragmentation of key IT systems remain unaddressed. Butkevicius notes that, surprisingly, there weren’t any solutions offered that would seek to unify the various systems until Sensus Aero stepped into the market.

Sensus Aero is the first to offer an innovative, all-in-one solution that seeks to tackle these pain points in aviation. The integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) optimisation platform is designed to increase and streamline every aspect of MRO, ground handling, and fuelling processes. As an integrated one-system platform, Sensus Aero stands out in automation, user experience, and process design, and is fully client-focused. The platform can also be tailored to match a customer’s specific needs, making it flexible and adaptable to client briefs. Backed by years of know-how and experience in IT and aviation, Sensus Aero is a future key player in the aviation tech space.

“The aviation industry is going through a strong digital transformation phase at the moment and these innovations are changing the aviation industry. New solutions, delivering such benefits Sensus Aero  bring to the table, are driving the digitization of processes and solving issues that have become even more frequent in recent times. I believe that this push will become a part of a bigger movement in the market, addressing the lethargic and fragmented IT solutions of old.”

Recent years have seen multiple examples of failing IT systems, and while airlines and airports are usually at the tip of the spear, the issues of outdated systems run deeper than that, affecting other layers of the aviation industry. To solve these problems, innovative, modern solutions are needed, and MRO, ground handling, and fuelling service providers should welcome the change to move forward with the times.

May 24, 2022