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Sensus Aero is a next-gen ERP software platform designed specifically for the aviation industry. Our focus is to create a software portal for real-time analytics that continues to evolve and provide actionable insights for major aviation businesses including MRO, Ground Handling, and Fuel management operations.



Ground Handling




Our Strengths


Our heritage in the aviation industry means we understand your challenges. Whatever the aviation segment you specialize in, from engine to airside operations, we have the experience and know-how to advise you.


With our unique quality control processes and handling agents, we provide you with expert-level quality and stability in real-time.


You can trust us when it comes to business maturity and growth. We’re flexible and can adapt to moving Sensus analytic requirements.


We have extensive experience within the aviation industry. From front office and supply chain ops, through to fuel control, distribution, and inventory management, we have created efficient business applications to support human resources.


Our ERP for aviation platform has market-leading business functions, which also comply with the latest cybersecurity standards, ensuring safe order management and high-level data security standards.


Our specialists experiment with the latest technological trends and internet of things (IOT) worldwide, allowing us to implement improvements directly into our innovative solutions.


Delivering all-in-one aviation software solutions, we provide cost-effective management tools for your business. Sensus Aero is a modern ERP for the aviation industry, which includes an MRO portal, Ground Handling software, and a Fuel management platform.


We’re experts in creating software for multiple aviation-sector businesses. We provide Sensus portals that make project management easier and that are bespoke to client specifications.

ERP for aviation

Our core objectives for developing the Sensus Aero platform:

Why Sensus Aero?

It’s widely regarded that productivity in the aviation industry is reduced by 20-30% due to ineffective internal processes and complex software design. Sensus Aero is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) optimization platform, designed to increase and streamline every aspect of the MRO, Ground Handling, and Fueling operation, across the aviation industry.
As an integrated one-system platform, our product is fully client-focused and can be tailored to match the customer’s unique and specific needs across the aviation spectrum. In turn, the system is also capable of adapting to changes in process. Sensus Aero can help minimize human error. Through our integrated accounting software, the platform can significantly increase overall efficiency and productivity, all while aiding cost-savings for aviation businesses.

Core Values

Sensus Aero is a single point of entry platform designed specifically to manage and maximize productivity in every aspect of MRO, Ground Handling, and Fueling.
The enterprise resource planning system is easy to onboard and use, while it’s highly adaptable to changes and new processes. One system is capable of hosting multiple stations, and the system is continuously growing and evolving to match our user’s changing requirements.