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Drive process efficiency and solve major business challenges with a web-based platform designed specifically for the aviation industry.

Aviation technology solutions that deliver 

136,800 Hours of product Development.
    Created by aviation professionals
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    1. Part of Avia Solutions Group ― 17 separate aviation business lines.
    2. 100+ offices operating across 68 countries worldwide.
    3. Network of 11,500 skilled aviation professionals.
    4. 55 years of combined aviation business experience.
    5. Our Digital Aero Technologies (DAT) unit specializes in developing innovative aviation solutions.
    6. Partnerships with key academic institutions accelerate AI & machine learning integration.
    A next-gen technology partner
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    1. Customizable modules Choose from a suite of modules, each tailored to address distinct business needs, ensuring flexibility, and specificity.
    2. Centralized control Manage and oversee multiple airports, stations, hangars, bays, and diverse data streams — all through a single, cohesive system.
    3. Swift & streamlined onboarding Through our customer-centric approach, we’ve designed set-up to be seamless.
    4. User-friendly design Navigate with ease and confidence through an intuitive interface.
    5. Future-ready technology Incorporating AI and machine learning, our platform adapts, learns, and evolves, staying ahead of the curve and ensuring your operations remain at the forefront.
    6. Affordable Efficiency Achieve streamlined operations through our platform. Crafted for cost-conscious enterprises, we ensure your journey towards enhanced efficiency doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

Discover our four core platforms: MRO, GH, Fueling, and VR Training Solutions. Each platform is modular, allowing clients to select specific modules and functionalities tailored to their needs while ensuring independent operations.

  • Increase profitability by automating your MRO business processes with a next-gen solution for base, line, and component maintenance organizations.

    Unlock MRO potential
  • Increase your ground handling operations’ efficiency and profitability by using a single AI-backed solution.

    Unlock GH potential
  • Enhance performance, visibility, and control of your ITP fueling and storage operations with Sensus’ digital solution.

    Unlock Fueling potential
  • Create customized VR training and 3D/AR reporting across the entire range of MRO, ground handling, and fueling operations. Strengthen your team's ability to master real-life operations.

    Unlock VR potential
    • Lessening the demand on human resources, enables teams to focus on what truly matters.

    • Through automation, we guarantee a level of precision that underpins our commitment to excellence.

    • Optimizing each aspect of the workflow to elevate performance and drive incremental revenue.

    • Providing unparalleled returns through a versatile, all-in-one platform that adapts to diverse needs.

    1. User-centric

      Our user-focused approach drives us to create intuitive and seamless experiences that redefine daily processes.

    2. Reliability & integrity

      Ensuring our customers experience the highest level of service and quality in every interaction.

    3. Empowerment & effectiveness

      We provide the foundation for teams to excel, optimizing workflows for smoother, more efficient operations.

    4. Industry leadership

      As aspiring pioneers in aviation innovation, we’re leading the industry towards enhanced productivity, sustainability, and overall success.


Meet our team

Pascal Picano
Member of the Board of Directors
Renata Sumskaite
Thomas James Buckley
Technical Adviser
Furkan Ozgunaydin
Director of Marketing & Sales
Laimonas Antanaitis
Product Director, MRO
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