Work Distribution System

To control multiple operations, in medium or larger environments, Sensus WDS GH offers a task allocation system for real-time operation control and monitoring using mobile devices. This particular system closes a full cycle  allowing you to distribute tasks, react to changes and resolve upcoming issues. The concept allows you to oversee the critical risk index of your operations inside turnaround,  while also providing vital intel on the risky areas of your business which are usually not monitored so intensively. In addition, all tasks can be linked to the Billing GH system, where service prices are calculated according to performed tasks and all services are accounted for. Sensus WDS GH helps the owner to comply with A-CDM regulations, and can be configured according to your needs. As real-time insight is of critical importance we  continuously strive to perfect system stability – our smart API’s are designed to handle not only huge loads of data transactions coming from A-CDM, airport AODB systems but are also designed to protect and prevent errors originating from third parties.

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