Using multi-station architecture, Sensus GH greatly empowers and enhances full station management procedures. Sensus aims to provide an all-in-one platform model, where business units can work together for faster and easier data transfer and sharing. Sensus Core AODB is the basis for your employee qualification control, company setup, seasonal flight plan management, daily operations control, services, TYPE B message transactions, along with managing reporting and notifications.

Whether they’re working in management or daily operations, the user can find a full overview of the company’s internal KPIs for easy business control and comparison with other stations. In case you’re dealing with a scheduled flight plan or service data, Sensus provides you with APIs to share and retrieve data from multiple sources.

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Sensus Advanced

Sensus Proffesional

Sensus Pro +

Data Management

Flexible Permission Control


HR Management

Qualification Control

Client Management

Scheduled Flight Plan

Turnaround Management

De-icing Management

Message Broker



Quality Management (Mobile App)

Reports & BI

GSE Management (Mobile App)

Real-time RMS (Mobile App)


Time attendance